By Rebecca White

In the latest celebrity news and gossip, apparently celebrity couple Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon are not married. According to, the pair met when Brown’s late mother Whitney Houston took Gordon in when he was 12. In 2012, the Hollywood couple announced their celebrity engagement, but they called it off one month later, saying family members did not approve of their relationship and love. In 2013, the celebrity couple got engaged again and then posted photos on Twitter in January 2014 announcing that they were a married celebrity couple. Unfortunately, Brown remains on life support after being found unresponsive in the bathtub; family members are now gathering to say their goodbyes.

The latest celebrity news and gossip focuses on Bobbi and Nick not being a married celebrity couple. How do you keep gossip from affecting your relationship and love life?

Cupid’s Advice:

The latest celebrity news and gossip has left us dizzy and confused. Hopefully this famous couple remembers to focus on their relationship and won’t let rumors affect their love life:

1. Stay centered and remain positive: Stay grounded in the relationship with your significant other and present a united front. If the two of you remain solid and positive, then there won’t be anything for people to talk about.

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2. Remain private: Here’s some love advice: Don’t tell everyone when you have fight or if you’re unhappy with your loved one. All disagreements should remain between the two of you, because it is no one else’s relationship, only yours.

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3. Have a support system: When things get tough and everyone is gossiping about your love life, talk to your family and friends about how hard things are. Have a support system that will hold you up when you can’t hold yourself up anymore.

How do you keep gossip from affecting your relationship and love life? Comment below!