By Rebecca White

Happy celebrity couple alert! According to, the latest celebrity news took place at the Golden Globes when Diane Kruger showed her support for longtime boyfriend Joshua Jackson. When his show, The Affair, won Best Television Series – Drama, Kruger appeared more excited than anyone by jumping to her feet and kissing Jackson. One way to build a strong relationship is to show support for your partner’s career. Even famous couples have to do this to keep their relationships strong, like Kruger did at the Golden Globes.

What are three ways to support your partner in their career like this Hollywood couple does?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes, partnerships can be tricky, but one of the best ways to enhance your relationship and love for your significant other is to support their career in the best way you can. Always remember that a happy work life makes for a happy home life! Cupid has some advice on how to support your partner’s career:

1. Be there when it counts: Just showing up to work functions, such as parties, ceremonies, speeches, retreats, or even concerts, will show your support and love for your partner. Being present in the many aspects of their life is important to any relationship.

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2. Make sacrifices: The pressure for excellence has increased in the workplace. With technology comes more accessibility which can add stress to our everyday lives. Sometimes your partner will need to stay late for a meeting, or go on a sudden business trip. You may not be a famous Hollywood couple, but life can still be busy and it takes a strong partner to respect and understand.

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3. Lend a hand: If your partner asks for your help, lend a hand with their workload as much as you can. However, if they don’t ask for the help, it may be best to leave criticism out of the conversation. These minor actions will show your partner that you support them in whatever way they need!

How do you support your partner’s career? Share your thoughts below.