Actress Vanessa Hudgens is not too distressed over her recent breakup with boyfriend of four years, Zac Efron.  The actress spent Saturday night at Pure Night Club in Las Vegas, celebrating her 22nd birthday with BFFs Brittany Snow and Ashley Tisdale.  When asked about her current relationship with Efron, the young actress told People, “We’re good.”How do you stay on good terms with your ex-partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Staying friends with your ex after a breakup can be awkward, but it’s much healthier (and easier to move on) if the two of you can remain on good terms.  Here are a few tips to help continue a friendship:

1. Don’t rush: It’s best not to strike up a friendship immediately after your break up.  Give each other some time and space.  Start to rekindle your relationship after you’ve both had time to heal.

2. Date other people: Try dating around for a bit, even if it’s nothing serious.  This will help you avoid the temptation to get back together with your ex-partner.  If you wish to remain close, make sure you keep it strictly platonic.

3. Avoid talking about the breakup: Never bring up the past or your breakup with your ex.  This conversation will only bring pain and possibly anger.  It will strain your new friendship.  Keep your conversations focused on the present and future.