Interview by Lori Bizzocco. Written by Shannon Seibert.

5 Ingredient Fix host Claire Robinson knows a thing or two about the fear of hosting Thanksgiving dinner and how to deal with it head on! Plus, she offers relationship advice that will heat up the kitchen this holiday in our exclusive interview with her .

Exclusive Interview: Claire Robinson’s Best Holiday Cooking Tips

“It stresses everybody out — the veterans are stressed too!” she says of holiday cooking. In our celebrity interview, the Food Network star advises us to forget the pressures of a full household and stick to the staples. “You have to remember what Thanksgiving is all about,” she shares in our celebrity video exclusive. “To me, that is the easiest way to get that pressure to start to release and enjoy your time in the kitchen a little more.”

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Of course, we had to ask the chef about the best desserts for the Thanksgiving season too. “Pumpkin is always the classic, but put a little bit of chocolate in there,” the celebrity chef suggests.

Robinson also chatted  about a cause close to her heart: Unilever’s projectSunlight, which helps create a brighter future for children. “There’s one in five children in America actually struggling with hunger,” she reveals. “That’s 16 million children.” She encourages people to participate this holiday season by purchasing Unilever products; the proceeds will fund projectSunlight.

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