By Maggie Manfredi

Who wasn’t at this wedding? Well, we can tell you who was there: Saturday Night Live alum Bill Murray, according to Murray said,“I did speak. I did get to say something. I can’t really recreate it, but it was something about the fact that — a lot of people, it seemed, put their lives on hold until these people [George and Amal] found their happiness. Because they’re both very, very, very good people and very considerate and thoughtful of their friends and families. So the idea that they got it now is liberating. It really is liberating to see them alive and in love.” A sweet sentiment from this famous funny guy. 

What are three important things to say in a wedding toast?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Wedding toasts are traditional and a delightful addition to any celebration. Want to put your best foot forward? Cupid has some important elements to giving a great speech:

1. Be sincere: Speak from the heart and say what you feel. If the love is there right in front of you, it won’t be hard to find the words.

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2. Share a story: Everyone likes a blast from the past, or a great memory. Don’t be afraid to add something from your own memory about the newly wedded couple.

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3. Make ’em laugh: Toasts can be sweet but they can also be silly. Make ’em laugh and make ’em cry, with those elements you can’t go wrong.

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