Eva Longoria was spotted out and about for the first time since filing for divorce from husband Tony Parker, Us Weekly reports.  The starlet was sipping champagne and chatting with friends at Hollywood hot spot Chateau Marmont over the weekend.  Dressed in all black, Longoria was smiling and chatting with Jason Biggs and Kate Bosworth.  Sources say she looked defeated and that,  “She had a grin on her face, but every so often she would stare off into space and looked very sad and somber.”

After a divorce, what are ways to cope?

Cupid’s Advice:

Public break-ups can be brutal, especially for celebrities.  Who can forget Shannon Moakler’s notorious divorce party?  Cupid has some ways to deal:

1. Lean on your friends: You may feel alone, but you aren’t.  Even if your friends are paired up, the BFF code means that you have support that is only a phone call away.

2. Take a break: Get your mind off of your current situation by taking a much-needed vacation.  Bring a friend along, or go solo to clear your head.

3. Celebrate with class: Throw a break-up celebration of sorts, but keep it private and low-key.  A public display of anger can come back to hurt you later in life, so it’s best not to go overboard.