Kelsey Grammer was spotted in Manhattan doing something most guys dread, reports RadarOnline.  The 55-year-old actor went dress shopping with girlfriend Kayte Walsh, 29, and even helped her zip up a stunning black dress.  The Frasier star split from his wife Camille earlier this year amid rumors that he had a new girlfriend.  Grammer then publicly began dating Walsh, a former flight attendant.  The couple suffered a miscarriage in September.

What are tell-tale signs a guy is into you?

Cupid’s Advice:

Because it’s often hard for a guy to verbalize his feelings, sometimes he’ll show you he likes you in more subtle ways.  Here are some signs that he’s into you:

1. He calls you: If he wants to see you, he’ll try as hard as he can to make it happen.  He’ll call, text and use Facebook to make plans to get together.

2. He teases you: It all goes back to the playground when that mean boy pulled your hair.  Some guys will tease to be funny, while others do it to test you.  Either way, he’s into you.

3. He does things he hates: Helping you try on dresses, like Kelsey Grammer did, or watching romantic comedies says he’s willing to swallow his pride just to make you happy.