Post-separation from Courteney Cox, David Arquette hit the Miami party scene while simultaneously posting his escapades on Twitter.  According to People, the actor was quite the party hopper.  He stayed at the Fontainebleau and made appearances at LIV nightclub and Arkadia.  He even took time out of his drinking schedule at get a tattoo of his grandfather.  A source close to the actor revealed that much of this crazy behavior was a direct result of his separation from Cox.  “He was dumped by his wife of 11 years.  His answer to that is to go out and party and try to forget about everything and have fun.”

What are the best ways to temporarily forget about a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though there is no best way to get over a broken heart, Cupid has some ideas for temporary relief:

1. Party responsibly: There’s nothing wrong with a night out on the town with friends after a break-up, but don’t overdo it by drinking past your limit and doing something you’ll regret.

2. Get away: A vacation is a great way to forget about things for a while.  If it’s out of your budget, go to a spa or take a walk to get back in touch with nature.  Anything you can do to rediscover yourself is a positive step.

3. Find a new hobby: If there’s an activity you’ve always wanted to pursue, now is a great time to look into it.  Not only will it get your mind off of your break-up, but you may also make new friends!