The date is set!  According to People, Prince William and his new fiance, Kate Middleton, have decided on a spring wedding.  The royal union is set to take place on April 29 of this coming year at Westminister Abbey.  Both Prince William and Middleton wanted as short of an engagement as possible, and they got their wish.  The wedding, which will make Middleton the first non-royal to marry into the royal family in a very long time, will mark a new public holiday for the UK!

When should you get married?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Autumn: There’s a reason why the fall is the most popular time for couples to get married.  With a gorgeous setting for outdoor picture taking, an autumn wedding will leave you with the least headache, at least weather-wise.

2. Summer: Runner-up as the most popular wedding season, summer is one of the best times to tie the knot.  If you’re dreaming of a wedding on the beach at sunset, mark your calendar for June, July or August.

3. A meaningful date: Ditch traditional wedding seasons and get married on a date that’s special between you and your partner.  It may be the anniversary of the first time you met, your first date, or even the first time you kissed.