Heidi Montag says she’s madly in love with her husband, Spencer Pratt, but did she have eyes for someone else?¬† According to RadarOnline, the former Hills star may have had a secret crush on her plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, who recently died in a car accident. ¬†In fact, sources say that the crush bordered on obsession. ¬†Montag tried to see Frank as much as possible, going so far as to get ten plastic surgeries in a single day.¬† “I believe she was romantically obsessed with him … She saw him as a night in shining armor,” says Dr. Ryan’s close friend, Dawn DaLuise. ¬†However, Montag claims that it was Dr. Ryan who wanted her to be his “barbie doll.”

How can you tell if your partner is obsessive?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though Heidi Montag and Dr. Frank Ryan weren’t dating, many relationships can go sour due to an obsessive partner. ¬†Cupid has some tips on how to tell if your partner’s too into you:

1. He checks in constantly: There’s nothing wrong with the occasional text or phone call when you and your partner are apart. ¬†But if your special someone is constantly bugging you about where you are and who you’re with, maybe they shouldn’t have your number!

2. He’s overly jealous: Jealousy¬†is inevitable in any relationship, but if your partner is questioning you about every friend you’re texting and wincing when you talk to a member of the opposite sex, he may be confusing love with infatuation.

3. He shows up uninvited: It’s one thing if your boyfriend graces your workplace to give you flowers on a special occasion and quite another if he’s constantly showing up uninvited. You may want to have a serious talk about boundaries.


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