Courteney Cox’s recent split with husband David Arquette has been making quite a few headlines.  Unfortunately, news of the break-up has also been affecting Cox’s daughter, six-year-old, Coco.  The actress’ Cougar Town costar Josh Hopkins told People, “The day that the news of the separation broke, there were paparazzi outside of their house, and they were taking pictures when Courteney took Coco to school.”  Though Courteney Cox has remained strong at home and professional at work, “Coco [still] sees these things, because [paparazzo are] not a normal thing in any respect, and she is a precocious child.”  Hopkins went on to explain that the couple’s split is tougher than most due to their celebrity status.  “There’s no doubt they have a lot to deal with right now…more than you would in your average separation.”

How do you keep a breakup from affecting your children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Recovering from a breakup is hard, and it’s even tougher the children involved.  Cupid has a few tips to keep your children relatively unaffected:

1. Cooperate with your ex:  Nothing is more harmful to your children than a battle for custody.  Meet your ex halfway, and make some compromises.  A civil and orderly split will make the separation much easier.

2. Be supportive: Make sure your children know that the split will not affect your feelings for them.  They need to be aware that they’re loved, even if you and your ex may not feel that way about each other.

3. Give them time: No matter how masterfully you handle your breakup, your children will be at least slightly affected.  It may be rough now, but in time and with care, your children will adjust.