Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Video by Damian Kolodiy.

At the Singles in America event, Executive Editor Lori Bizzoco talked to panelist and blogger Perez Hilton about online dating and life in New York City with his sweet son, Mario.

Celebrity Video Interview with Perez Hilton

As for why he was on the panel at Saturday’s event, the celebrity gossip columnist reveals, “I’m here to talk about my experiences — I’m on Match and many other sites. I think it’s fun to offer my perspective, which may be different from the other panelists because I’m a gay man and a personality.”

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In our celebrity video interview, the blogger lights up when the subject turned to his son. “He loves New York! We do so much here,” he shares. “I think raising a child in New York City is the best because there’s so much to do and it’s so easy to do so much.”

Of course, having a child changed Hilton’s dating life, but he doesn’t like to use the word “difficult” when it comes to finding love. “It definitely presents challenges that a single person wouldn’t face. Like I choose not to bring guys back to my place. You gotta work around it! Do what you got to do.”

Right now, though, the single celebrity parent’s priority is Mario’s first birthday on Feb. 17. He shares that the father-and-son duo will be celebrating with a blessings ceremony. “I’m inviting all my close friends and family to come over and write down little blessings on a sheet of paper,” he explains in our celebrity video interview. “I’m trying to get some spiritual folks — maybe a rabbi and a priest, maybe a monk — to share some words and blessings as well.”

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