Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Video by Damian Kolodiy.

This past Saturday, Executive Editor Lori Bizzoco and Millionaire Matchmaker reality TV star Patti Stanger caught up at’s Singles in America 2014 event where Stanger moderated a panel discussion with four sex and dating experts, including Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton, Leading Sex Expert Dr. Emily Morse, Cosmopolitan’s Sex and Relationship Editor Anna Breslaw, and Chief Scientific Advisor for Dr. Helen Fisher. Prior to the event, we had the opportunity to sit down with the matchmaker, and in our celebrity video interview, we chat with her about online dating, her own personal love story, and her best dating advice for meeting The One.

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Celebrity Video Interview with Patti Stanger

“I love! I’m the girl who dates online,” the reality TV star candidly shares. “This is the way to meet singles. 18 or 80, it doesn’t matter. We just need the tools and the ammunition to do it.”

As for how finding love with fiancé David Krause has changed her? “I’m much more relaxed. I love nesting; I love staying home.”

Watch our celebrity video interview above for more information.

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