All Christina Aguilera wants for her son, Max, who “is the happiest guy ever,” is “to see to it that he remains that way.”  After filing for divorce on October 14th from her husband, Jordan Bratman, Aguilera looks to her own childhood for assurance when it comes to parenting.  RadarOnline reports that the singer/actress was raised by a single mother as well, which “turned out fantastic.”  Despite the confidence Aguilera exudes while promoting her new film Burlesque, she admits raising Max won’t be easy.  She says, “It’s hard just being a working mom.”

How do you regain control of your life after a divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a divorce, it can seem like life has spun out of control.  Cupid has a few daily affirmations to keep in mind during your trying time:

1. Forgive yourself: Divorces are a stressful time for both parties.  Allow yourself to bring closure to one chapter in your life and look forward to the beginning of new opportunities.

2. Self-confidence: There are things you can’t control, but your mindset isn’t one of them.  There’s nothing sexier than killer confidence.

3. Set realistic goals: After getting yourself back on track, set some goals for the future, whether they be career-oriented or hosting a weekly BYOB Modern Family night with close friends.