Former Dancing With The Stars pro Julianne Hough is finally speaking out about her relationship with Ryan Seacrest, reports Us Weekly.  On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hough gushed, “Oh my gosh, he’s phenomenal.  He’s really romantic.  He’s not even in town, and I got in my car and there are flowers everywhere.”  And it looks like things are getting serious because Ryan Seacrest has met her parents!  “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you met the folks!'” she says.  “It’s like, ‘I don’t know.  Both of our folks are like our best friends so when we hang out, it’s more like hanging out with friends.'”

What can “meeting the parents” mean in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Meeting the parents is a huge step in a relationship.  Here are some reasons why your partner may decide to introduce you to their family:

1. To see if you get along: If your partner introduces you to their folks, it usually means they see a future with you and want to see whether you fit in with their family.

2. To test you: While meeting the parents usually means your mate is serious about you, it can also be a test.  If they’re unsure if you’re the one, they may ask their folks to weigh in.

3. To share a part of them: Family is an extremely important part of who we are.  By showing you where they came from, your partner is signaling that they want to get to know you on a deeper level.