When Prince William marries his fiancée, Kate Middleton, there will be many people who will be comparing his wedding to that of his parents’, says People.  When Prince Charles married Princess Diana on July 29, 1981, the wedding was viewed by millions around the globe.  The bride arrived at St. Paul’s Cathedral in a glass coach, dressed in an ivory taffeta and lace gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.  After the ceremony, the royal couple rode in to Buckingham Palace, where they kissed on a balcony in front of thousands of onlookers.

How can you make your wedding stand out?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Incorporate unique decor: You may choose to stay away from traditional wedding color schemes, and go for something more unique for your wedding.  For example, if you’re getting married in the winter, try silver and white instead of warmer hues.

2. Be creative with your vows: When you write your vows, try to stay away from clichés.  Tell a brief story, or crack a joke.  The guests, and your husband,  will appreciate the effort.

3. Be considerate: While you may have been extremely busy in preparing for your wedding, chances are your maid of honor has been working just as hard.  Reward her, and your other bridesmaids, with a personal and creative gift that shows how much you appreciate them.