Stephenie LaGrossa, three-time Survivor contestant, tells People, “I never thought there was ‘the one,’ but now I believe it.”  She and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Kyle Kendrick got married in front of 105 guests at the Silverado Resort in Napa, California.  The outdoors ceremony featured the bride in a dress by Priscilla of Boston, while the groom adorned a tuxedo by Huge Boss.  Don’t forget about the dogs!  Bebe and Champ “acted as flower girl and ring bearer and wore a white dress and a tuxedo, respectively.”

How can you incorporate your pets into your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

While your wedding is meant to honor your relationship with your fiancée, why leave out the little guys who are there through thick and thin: your pets!

1. Wedding party: Who said anything about the flower girl and ring bearer being human?  Adding your pets to the wedding party like Stephenie LaGrossa and Kyle Kendrick makes for great pictures, especially when clothed in dresses and tuxedos alike.

2. Gifts: Turn your party favors into donations to a local animal shelter.  Gifts for the newlyweds can be substituted with contributions to an animal charity.

3. Cake topper: Couples adorn their wedding cakes with figurines resembling themselves, but why not the pets?  Forget the traditional couple sitting atop the icing and find a cake topper that looks exactly like Gypsy and Beau.