It looks like Jessica Simpson and beau Eric Johnson have the seal of approval from Simpson’s brother-in-law, rocker Pete Wentz.  According to People, Pete Wentz said, “He’s a really smart guy, and Jessica really loves him.”  He explained, saying, “I think that’s the most important thing, seeing her happy.”

What are some ways to tell if your love is the real thing?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many relationships come and go, but how do you know when it’s not just lust — it’s love?  Cupid has a few things to look for:

1. You can talk:  You and your partner can talk for hours without getting bored.  Conversation becomes second-nature and requires little effort.

2. There‘s no stress:  When you no longer stress over bad hair days or an unflattering outfit, then you know that your relationship is for real.  You’re completely comfortable with your beau.

3. You can be yourself:  When you are more yourself around your mate than you are around any of your other friends, then you know that you’re truly in love.