By Gabby Robles

According to, Katy Perry and John Mayer took their time before jumping into their blossoming relationship during summer 2012.  Katy stated that she and her counterpart exchanged love letters for a long time before taking their relationship public. This couple has been getting quite seriously.  An insider spilled that, “it’s just a question of when John will propose.”

What are some advantages to moving slowly at the beginning of a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you move too fast in a relationship, you miss a lot of key things that couples should go through together. Wondering what some of the advantages are to moving slowly?  Cupid has your back:

1. You get to know each other better: Jumping into a relationship means you’re just taking the person as your partner without fully knowing who they are. When you go slowly, you get a better understanding of who this person is.

2. You learn what their intentions are: Going too fast leads to getting too intimate too quickly. You won’t get to know more of what their true intentions with you are. Moving a bit slower means you get a better chance of insuring a permanent relationship.

3. You get those cute, romantic moments together: When you move slowly, you guys can share those sweet moments and memories together. The quirky, fun, exciting times are what makes lasting impressions which leads to a stronger relationship.

What were some advantages to moving slowly at the beginning of your relationship? Share with us below!