By Meghan Fitzgerald

Thanksgiving is one of the most family-oriented holidays in the United States. Relationships strengthen as families tend to come together in celebration. As fall has now arrived and the leaves have begun to fall, new romances blossom and past couples gather at their family houses for a lovely meal with the family. Even celebrities are getting in the spirit of the holiday. Find out how these celebrities celebrate Thanksgiving:

Oprah Winfrey: 

According to, Oprah Winfrey celebrates her Thanksgiving with sweet potatoes spiced with freshly pickled rosemary. She also shared her top secret cranberry recipe with the source.

Katie Holmes:

Katie Holmes has been spending her Thanksgivings with her immediate family post-split from Tom Cruise. Holmes also runs an annual local turkey trot, according to Huffington Post.

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Jennie Garth:

Even though Jennie Garth often can’t spend the day of Thanksgiving with her three daughters, she plans a special day with her girls to celebrate a faux Thanksgiving on the weekend.

Padma Lakshmi:

Padma Lakshmi celebrates the holiday with her family; they play charades after a big meal to avoid falling asleep right away.

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Adrian Grenier:

Adrian Grenier doesn’t eat turkey for Thanksgiving, but substitutes it with organic free-range fish and chicken.

Whoopi Goldberg:

Goldberg cooks her own specialty turkey and takes in those who don’t have a place to go to on Thanksgiving.

What are some unique ways you celebrate Thanksgiving? Share your experiences below.