Christina Aguilera has recently been dealing with divorce papers and drama, all caused by her split from hubby Jordan Bratman.  The singer decided to escape the chaos by taking a quick vacation to Hawaii.  The Burlesque star “…has a packed weekend ahead of her, including yoga, surfing lessons, hikes, lunches, VIP dinners and cocktail parties,” reports E! Online.  Sounds like it’s just what she needs!

After a breakup, where are some good places to get away?

Cupid’s Advice:

When your heart is aching, you may need some space.  Some people may recuperate just by having some down time, while others may need a paradise getaway to soothe their spirits.  Cupid has some suggestions:

1. Suburbs: Live in a big city?  Get some fresh air by stepping outside of your urban environment.  The change of scenery will be both relaxing and refreshing.

2. Europe: If you’re one of those people who needs serious space after a split, head to an exotic location.  Skip romantic activities in Paris, and spend some time with friends in Greece, or relax on a beach in Italy.

3. A friend’s house: If you don’t have the time or the money to plan a  trip, spend some time at a friend’s house.  You will have a different environment in which to recover and the added bonus of a good friend taking care of you.