By Andrea Surujnauth

Former Pittsburgh Steelers star, Kordell Stewart, is accusing his estranged wife and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, of staying out late, partying, and neglecting her step-son. reported that Stewart asked the court to deny Williams request for temporary support because of her alleged partying. Williams fought back by filing a motion claiming that Stewart locked her out of their house. Stewart’s defense was that he simply locks the doors at night for security reasons. Williams also accused her estranged husband of having “another woman” in her house. Stewart claims that the only other woman that was in the house the nanny that was hired to care for his son since Williams is  “neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson.” Williams told reporters on April 3, “This is a very difficult time for myself and my family. I’m just  trying to remain strong. That’s all I can do and stay prayerful and lean on my  friends and family.”

How do you keep your divorce civil for your the sake of your children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce can be extremely traumatizing for children. Keeping your divorce civil, at least in front of your children, is important for your child’s welll-being. Cupid is here with some advice on keeping things civil for your child:

1. Arguments: Keep arguments private. Do not argue in front of your child. This is guaranteed to upset them even more. Their parents are breaking up, they don’t need to witness their mom and dad at each other’s throats.

2. Messenger: Do not make your child a messenger between the two of you. Having your child carry messages back and forth because you don’t want to speak with each other will cause added stress on your child.

3. Come to terms: Coming to terms with your emotions is key to keeping your divorce civil. This will help to avoid the extra drama that is thrown into a divorce that is caused by emotional pain.

How did you keep your divorce civil for your child? Share your ideas below.