By Jessica Conigliaro

Enjoy the sunshine while you still can. Head to a nearby playground with your boyfriend; swing, slide and play the day away. Don’t forget to stop by the ice cream truck to refuel! Who said you were too old for the park?

When you were young, going to the playground was the highlight of your day – and now, you get to relive the fun and share it with someone special. Take a trip down memory lane with your man and show him where you used to play all of those silly games with your childhood friends. While you’re there, race him down the slide or swing on the swings together.

Have some fun while working up a sweat. Get out your old baseball mitt and play some ball together. Let him teach you how to swing a bat properly; he’ll love showing you something new, and you two will grow closer together after a fun game. Or bring a football and show off your throw, one that you perfected with your father as a little kid. For a more free-spirited time, bring a Frisbee and fling it around with your love. Either way, he’ll be impressed by your athletic talents. Plus, you can make it a competition: loser buys the winner ice cream!

If your park is close to a lake, bring some bread and feed the ducks. One of you can tear up the bread, and the other one can feed the quacking birds– a good exercise in teamwork. After visiting the ducks, grab your bikes and ride along a trail. No need to go too fast; let your partner lead the way and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

After your busy day outdoors, unwind a bit before heading home. Find a cozy bench and wrap your arms around each other. Enjoy a light conversation and the calming breeze as you watch the sunset.

How do you and your partner feel like kids again? Share in the comments below.