By Andrea Surujnauth

Celebrity lovebirds are celebrating Valentines Day early this year. Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart were seen sharing a romantic dinner Friday night at Cencconi’s in West Hollywood. A source told People that the couple was “canoodling at the table”. Lopez and her beau sat close as they had dinner together but there were no public displays of affection. The source also adds that “They were sweet together and Jennifer was laughing all night long,” Lopez has been dating Smart since fall of 2011.

What are some ways to make dinner with your partner romantic?

Cupid’s Advice:

Restaurants are always packed on Valentines Day. It can be a struggle to get reservations and make your partner’s Valentines day romantic and special. But no need to worry! Cupid is here with some advice on how to make a dinner at home romantic for your beau!

1. Create a special dinner: Make your sweetheart’s favorite dishes. This is sure to make your partner feel special and loved.

2. Decorate: Light some candles and put some roses on the table. Decorations are key to setting the romantic mood. If you want to go all out, play some sweet love songs in the background as well!

3. Dress to impress: Dress up and have your partner dress up too. This will make the dinner feel more special and less like a regular dinner at home.

How do you make your dinner romantic for your partner? Comment below and let us know.