It seems Drew Barrymore is happy in love these days. People reported that Barrymore couldn’t stop gushing to Harper’s Bazaar about Justin Long, her on-again off-again boyfriend of three years.  “He’s the cat’s pajamas,” said the Going the Distance star.  Barrymore, 35, has endured a lot of the typical trials of a young actress in the spotlight.  But now she seems happier than ever, especially when talking about her actor beau.  “I couldn’t love, respect, admire and enjoy that individual more than I do.  It would be physically impossible for me to have any more giggly joy at this person.”Why is laughter important in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes life can seem like anything, but easy.  The best way to forget your troubles is to laugh, and your partner can help.  Cupid has some ideas on why having a partner who makes you laugh is so important:

1. Lighten up: A lot of women try to be perfect: perfect career, perfect apartment, and perfect boyfriend.  But don’t take yourself too seriously — laughter can remind you to lighten up and be happy with what you have!

2. Have a lasting relationship: Laughter helps get a couple through the hard times in a relationship and makes the good times even better.  As far as Cupid is concerned, the couple who laughs together, stays together.

3. Laughter is forever: While you may be interested in dating Brad Pitt more than Will Ferrell, keep in mind that looks fade.  If he has a sense of humor, he can keep you smiling for years.