Cupid's Pulse Article: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Celebrate the Holidays Together with SuriCupid's Pulse Article: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Celebrate the Holidays Together with Suri

By Nic Baird

For her first Christmas since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce, Suri split the holidays between both parents, People reports. Suri spent Christmas Day with her mother in Ohio, and then joined Cruise and his two older children, according to a source. “We have got lots of very special things planned,” Cruise said at the premiere of his  new film Jack Reacher. He mentioned he was looking forward to spending the holidays with his kids. “We are all going to be together,” he said.

What are some ways to present a united front to your children post-split?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s difficult to maintain a positive relationship with an ex, but when they co-parent your children you must set aside your differences. Find ways to work together, and avoid any slips that will add tension to your already worn dynamic:

1. Respect: No matter how you tailored your relationship in the past, it should have included respect. This must continue even now.  Your should be careful to treat each other well when your children are around, and avoid instigating any fights or arguments. Appreciate them as an important part of your child’s life and foster a mutual respect.

2. Team Decisions: A united front means making decisions as a parenting unit.  It’s important both you and your ex understand that there has to be a consensus between the two of you before discussions with your child. Undermining a parent will make them less respected, so be careful what you say in front of impressionable eyes. Don’t negate their input!

3. Sharing Responsibility: Make sure your child is able to experience special occasions with both parents. A child will have an easier time with a seperation if both of you can offer positive feedback during their development. Even if you don’t want to attend soccer games with your ex, rotate the responsibility game by game. This is how you keep a family intact after seperating.

What are good strategies for parenting after a divorce? Share your experiences below!