Cupid's Pulse Article: Pregnant Kate Middleton Makes First Official Outing Post-HospitalCupid's Pulse Article: Pregnant Kate Middleton Makes First Official Outing Post-Hospital

By Nic Baird

Princess Kate Middleton appeared at an award ceremony on Sunday, which is her first appearance since leaving the hospital earlier this month, People reports. The expectant Duchess of Cambridge was treated for severe morning sickness and released from hospital on Dec. 6. She was able to attend the BBC Sports Personality awards show to present the top prizes, and offer her congratulations. Her pregnancy was announced Dec. 3.

How do you know when to communicate your pregnancy issues to your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

In theory, you should always be able to communicate pregnancy issues with your partner. Don’t stall for too long thinking of ways to address them, or ways to explain what you’re experiencing. However, there are times when you’ll be more effective at getting your message across:

1. Express your needs immediately: Your partner is there to help and make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. If there’s something you need or just crave, then say so. Your significant other doesn’t know what to expect, so be direct about your wishes.

2.¬† Be patient: Sometimes it may feel like you’re just not getting through to your partner. Your explanations are always misinterpreted and your needs are misread. Try to stay calm, or leave the situation if you need space. Return when you’ve reflected on new approaches.

3. Trust your partner: It’s reasonable to feel insecure about talking to your partner about your pregnancy, but remember that they’re invested in the child as well, and they’re ready to give you comfort. Don’t worry too much about grossing them out, or dumping your problems on them. They want you to rely on them!

When do you feel it’s best to communicate pregnancy issues to your partner? Share your insight below!