By Teresa Lopez

There are two things that every girl loves: horoscopes and checking out celebrity couples. We’ve put the two together, as we are going to be looking at some of the hottest couples and what their star signs have to say about their relationships. From polar opposites to people born on the same day, we’ve got it all! So, here’s a taste of celebrity astrology that may help you predict the future of your relationships:

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Although they’ve experienced a few rough patches in the past, this couple’s got amazing compatibility when it comes to their charts. Both have an ascendant sign that is almost close to identical. Although this is questionable because of how uncommon it is, if it is the case it means that this couple will have very similar world views. Not only are their ascending signs in conjunction, but they also have conjunct Mercuries, which means that they think alike as well! Similarly there are positive signs of strong sexual attraction and romance: Kristen’s Uranus is conjunct to his 7th house, which means that they are both very romantic and inclined to please. Although they may have been rocky before, these two have all of the makings of a long lasting relationship.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

Because these two share the same birthday, their charts are almost identical. The only differing aspects are caused by location and time of birth. Almost everything is compatible here, except for Catherine’s Mars being conjunct to Michael’s moon. This can be extremely stressful on a relationship, despite the fun energy that it can provide for a short period of time. Because of this, we believe that this relationship may last for several years, but will subsequently end due to stress and potential hardship.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Oh, Brad and Angie! So many of us were curious how they were going to work out when they first got together–they seemed so opposite! Turns out that it’s not just their personalities that are juxtaposed, but also their horoscopes. Many of Brad’s planets fall into Angelina’s sixth house, the one that indicates work relationships and services, such as charity. Obviously, this speaks worlds to Brad’s commitment to adoption and community service that coincided perfectly with the beginning of this relationship. Although it can be difficult to say what drives this very private couple, Angelina and Brad’s major aspects are usually opposite each other: they have sun opposite sun, and Venus and sun opposite ascendants. Many of these opposite aspects can cause stress and negativity in a relationship, although keeping things fresh and unique. It is important that as much excitement as they may find that they realize that they need to be cautious around such harsh juxtaposing aspects. We may see, in the future, this fiery relationship fizzle out and die.

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