Cupid's Pulse Article: Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian with Birthday Cake at NYC EventCupid's Pulse Article: Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian with Birthday Cake at NYC Event

By Jennifer Ross

Although Kim Kardashian’s birthday just passed on Oct. 21, the gifts just keep coming! While at the Angel Ball in New York City Monday night, Kanye West surprised his girlfriend, who just turned 32, with a wonderful chocolate cake. The reality star was very much surprised by the gesture, as West sat there, happy that he was able to pull this off. A witness reported to, “She looked genuinely surprised and thanked Kanye with a kiss!” As the charity gala continued on, the couple hardly stepped away from each other, looking very much in love and sneaking kisses ever so often. With this birthday cake surprise AND the birthday trip to Italy, you can definitely say Kanye West knows how to be romantic.

How do you surprise your partner on his/her birthday?

Cupid’s Advice:

Remembering your partner’s birthday is a must in life. After all, it is the day they were born! No matter what your partner says, celebrating their birthday shows that you value them and truly care. So write it in your calendar, tattoo it to your body or do whatever it is you need to do in order to remember the date. Most importantly, have fun planning the event with ideas such as these:

1. A false birthday party: When planning a surprise party, it’s easy for someone to accidently leak the surprise out. To prevent this, why not plan the birthday party a few days in advance. This way, people can feel comfortable speaking to your partner about the party, just not the exact day. Plus, your mate will definitely be surprised on the day of the event.

2. Party-less surprises: If your partner happens to not like surprise birthday parties, don’t fret. There are many ways to surprise him/her; such as filling the bedroom, their car or office with balloons, making them breakfast in bed, planning a fun road trip for two or surprising them with tickets to their favorite concert or event. The ideas are endless. Remember, a party is not the only way to show your love.

3. A party for one: If your partner devotes more time everyone else but himself/herself, why not throw him/her a party for one. Set them up with a day at the spa, a golf lesson with a former pro, or a ride-a-long with a professional race car driver. The gift of time doing something they truly enjoy will leave him/her feeling loved and renewed.

What kind of surprise did you give your partner for his/her birthday? Tell us your story below.