Sorry ladies: Derek Jeter appears to have a new love. On Monday night, The Yankee shortstop was seen in public cuddling with model Hannah Davis, according to the New York Post. Jeter, 38, and Davis, 22 were spotted at The Double Seven in New York. The couple both arrived and left separately, but witnesses say they were inseparable during the show.

How do you know if age difference is going to be a problem in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Having a vastly different age than your partner may be difficult in a relationship, but it’s not always problematic. Here are some ways to tell if it’s going to be a challenge in your love life:

1. You live different lives: If your partner is still in school while you have a full-fledged career, it may be difficult for you to understand each other’s goals, needs and desires. Your lives will be paced differently and that may get in the way of love and understanding.

2. Different interests: It’s tough to be part of a couple where both people like completely different things. While you may be deeply involved in the latest pop culture crazes, if your sweetheart is older than you, they may not interest them at all. Having such difficult lifestyles will be a strain on your relationship.

3. No support: While it shouldn’t matter if no one approves of your relationship, if you’re losing the support of your family and friends, your relationship is definitely going to be harder. If this is happening, then  it may be time to reconsider whether this age difference is worth it.

How do you know if age difference is going to be a problem in a relationship? Share your comments below.