Say it isn’t so! The most romantic couple on-screen and off may be in big trouble. According to, The Twilight Saga star, Kristen Stewart, 26, was caught cheating on co-star, Robert Pattinson, 26. Pictures show Stewart and the director of Snow White and the Huntsmen, Rupert Sanders, 41, kissing and hugging. To make matters worse, Sanders is married to Liberty Ross, 33, and has two children. Twihards everywhere are surely upset.

What do you do when you find out your partner has cheated?

Cupid’s Advice:

Infidelity can make or break a relationship and if you’ve been cheated on, your confidence can take a huge blow. Cupid has some tips:

1. Investigate: Find out more about the infidelity and be prepared to learn some unpleasant details. Accepting the truth will help you figure out whether or not you should stay or go.

2. Communicate: Instead of getting revenge or picking up and leaving, talk to your partner about why they stepped out on you. Talking will help you understand why your partner betrayed you.

3. Cope: When you finally make your decision about the final status of your relationship, use a support system to get past the cheating. Do not hold grudges and always know your worth.

What would you do if you found out your partner cheated? Share your thoughts below.