Matthew McConaughey and new wife Camila McConaughey (formerly Alves) aren’t the only ones who are eager for their newest child. As the public grows excited by Camila’s visible baby bump, their son, Levi, and daughter Vida are especially anxious for their new sibling. Although they still can’t decide whether they’d rather have a sister or a brother, the two still “danced and sang” when they heard the news, according to People. The couple have been married for a month.

How can you prepare your family for a new addition?

Cupid’s Advice:

Anticipating an addition to your family is always an exciting time. Your life will soon be changing in many ways, so it’s best to plan ahead. Here are some ways to prepare your family for a new addition:

1. Tell them early: If you have small children, it’s best that you and your partner let them know as early as possible that you’re expecting. This gives them ample time to prepare themselves for their new responsibilities and ask you any questions they may have.

2. Make room: You and your beau may have lived comfortably in a one-bedroom apartment, but as your family grows, so should your living space. Even if you already have a child, you’ll still find yourself with even less room than before.

3. Stay positive: You may have many worries now, but if you and your honey keep a positive attitude, your environment (and your outlook) will drastically change.

What are some ways you can prepare your family for a new addition? Tell us your story below.