Ellen DeGeneres is continuing the trend of being loving and supportive toward her wife, Portia de Rossi. Recently, de Rossi debuted a new cropped haircut, and DeGeneres is nothing but appreciative. The talk show host, 54, thinks “it’s adorable,” according to UsMagazine.com. “[Portia] wanted to do it for a long time and grew up modeling, and of course you’re supposed to have long hair,” DeGeneres explained. “Everyone told her never to cut her hair. I think it just got to be part of her.”

How do you show appreciation for your partner’s looks?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although looks aren’t the most important thing in a relationship, it’s important to show your partner you’re attracted to them. Here are some ways to support their style:

1. Compliment them: It may seem obvious, but make sure you vocally show you think your partner is attractive. If they’re dressing up for a work function or simply a date with you, tell them they look “beautiful” or “handsome.”

2. Show without words: Being more affectionate than you usually are will show your mate that you’re into how they look a specific day or time.

3. Pay for a pedicure: If you appreciate the time your love puts into her looks, show your appreciation by buying her a mani-pedi or a gift certificate to her favorite outlet.

What are some other ways to show your appreciation for partner’s style? Share your thoughts below.