By Victor McGlothin 

Katy Perry was in love with Russell Brand. They got married, and then 14 months later, got divorced. When celebrity microwave relationships heat up so fast our heads spin and then fly off , we all go running to internet blogs and message boards looking for answers. Often, reasons why celebrity couples break up are obvious … and those reasons often involve money.

In Katy Perry’s case, she was a popular singer before wedding Brit uber-talent Russell Brand. Both of them were exceedingly busy on photo and movie shoots, concert tours and everything else that accompanies stardom.  With so much time spent apart, it’s no wonder Russell and Katy experienced problems that ultimately resulted in a failed marriage. The question is, what makes celebs think they can sustain a healthy relationship while living apart and chasing the almighty dollar rather than the connection that keeps the home fires burning?

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Perry and Brand aren’t the only culprits to this type of demise. Perhaps the biggest wedding sham of all time was Kim Kardashian’s televised nuptials to NBA power forward Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets. After 10 million viewers watched the choreographed broadcast on E!, 72 short days later it was all over.  Once it occurred to Humphries that Kardashian got what she wanted, which was astronomical wedding coverage gracing dozens of magazine covers and an $18 million payday for the exclusive rights, he filed to have the marriage annulled, citing fraud allegations.  It was merely an attempt to save face after being used and branded in the national tabloids as the villain and then subsequently lambasted online by Kim’s family.

Kim Kardashian refused to ante up the $9 million owed to Kris, for his role of a life time in the wedding plot, but then offered $7 million as a consolation prize. Over 90 days after the 72 day scam marriage ended, their divorce is still pending and adoring fans are still choosing sides. What a hot mess caused by money, yet again!

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Stories like Russell Brand/Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries are all over the place in Hollywood, and there’s usually the issue of money behind all of them. Even if money doesn’t destroy a relationship, however, it always has a place. Even stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie use money to buy happiness on occasion (see: her massive engagement ring and $25 million donation toward children’s image rights).

Although us normal folk don’t typically have the type of cash that popular celebrities bring to the table, it’s still good to learn from the often careless ways in which they throw that money around. We should keep cash in the back of our minds, if at all possible, while pursuing a deep connection.

Victor McGlothin is a best-selling novelist and writer for, providing commentary on celebrity spending and consumerism.