Newly engaged Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were spotted at U.K’s Legoland with their children. According to People, Pitt and Jolie were “very much in love, too. And a really happy family.” In past visits, Jolie took the children to Legoland on her own, but this time Pitt was happy to tag along. After Legoland, the family visited a petting zoo, Odds Farm.

What are some creative family outings that can still be romantic?

Cupid’s Advice: 

It’s great to have romantic dates minus the kids, but can be difficult to pull off. Here are some ways to make family outings a romantic getaway:

1. A day in the park: The outdoors are the perfect place for your kids to let loose while you and your partner cuddle in the grass. Pull out a basket and make lunch a romantic picnic.

2. Beach love: The beach is a great place for the kids to build sand castles and for you and your sweetie to soak up some sun. Checking each other out is a must!

3. Rainy day fun: Every kid loves to play in the rain. Make a rainy day a date with your partner. What’s more romantic than dancing in the rain?

What family outings have you and your partner been to? Share your comments below.