Ryan Reynolds has been crashing over at his girlfriend of six months, Blake Lively’s NYC pad, and now they’re finally ready to make things official. The two have been spotted house hunting in Connecticut. An insider told UsMagazine.com, “They love getting out of the city and appreciate a slower pace.” Reynolds recently put the home he shared with ex Scarlett Johansson on the market and Lively is ready to move on from ex boyfriend Leo DiCaprio. The two are getting serious together and will hopefully be purchasing a nice home far from their city lives sometime soon.

What are some ways to tell you’re ready to move in with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Moving in with someone you’re in a relationship with brings things to another level. It’s a whole lot of commitment you need to be sure you’re prepared for. Here are some ways to tell if you’re ready to move in with your mate:

1. You’ve been together for a while: If you’re thinking about moving in together, then you should be in what you consider a long-term relationship. Make sure that you have a good grasp on who someone is before taking that next step.

2. You’re in it for the long run: Moving in together is a huge commitment, and it should be a long term decision. You should make sure you’re at a stable point in your relationship so there aren’t any arguments later on.

3. You’ve met all of their friends and family: Your partner had a life before you met them, and you should know all about it before you plan to move in with them. People close to them will most likely be visiting a lot.

What are some things you think you need to be sure of before moving in with someone? Share your comments below.