Cupid's Pulse Article: Check Out the First Blockbuster of 2012: ‘The Hunger Games’!Cupid's Pulse Article: Check Out the First Blockbuster of 2012: ‘The Hunger Games’!

2012’s first big movie is right around the corner. The Hunger Games not only features a strong female heroine, it also features a complex love triangle. The upcoming action film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson as the love struck teenagers who may be forced to take each others’ life.  Katniss and Peeta (Lawrence and Hutcherson respectively) are both selected for the Hunger Games, a reality TV sensation in a dystopian future where teenagers fight to the death.  But the two of them suffer a connection as they are supposed to play up their relationship to get more viewers.  However, Katniss also has Gale (Hemsworth), a hunting partner that she has suppressed feelings for.  Who will Katniss choose?  Will she have to kill Peeta?

Should You See It? In a word, yes. The Hunger Games looks to be an exciting movie and could be a great date movie that both parties will enjoy.

Who To Take: You or your significant other may enjoy the action, but The Hunger Games also has a loyal fanbase who read the book. A group of friends may work for this one as well. Just don’t take your mother, the gore factor is pretty intense.

Are you forced to kill your significant other? How to get out of that and other difficult situations.

In The Hunger Games, Katniss is potentially forced to kill someone she has a connection with. While you may not share this problem with her, in many ways it’s a classic Romeo and Juliet style problem. Here are some ways to get through really tough situations that test your relationship like nothing else could.

1. Prove everyone else wrong. People pit you against each other just to prove that it cannot work. If you and your significant other can prove them wrong then you have won.

2. Stick together. If you can’t stick together and be there for each other then you have nothing. If you can comfort each other and only worry about yourselves rather what everyone else thinks, you two have the right stuff to pull through these difficult times.

3. Do what is best for them. If it is meant to be then do whatever it takes. Sometimes that includes leaving until things can get better. If it is meant to be then it will happen, but maybe now there is simply too much going on for any one person to handle. Do what you have to do and hopefully things will work out for the best.

Have you had to get through some really difficult times? Share your experiences below.