The paparazzi doesn’t always ruin the mood.  Actress Kristen Bell and fiancé Dax Shepherd had a PDA-filled trip to a Los Angeles park on Saturday, reports RadarOnline.  Shepherd and Bell were at the park chatting and laughing with some friends at a picnic.  Bell showed some affection when she climbed onto Shepherd’s lap for a hug.

How do you show affection to your partner in front of your friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

Managing PDA is always tricky, but it’s especially tricky around friends.  Here are a few ways to show affection without making things awkward:

1. Tone it down: Try toning down your usual displays of affection in order to make your friends feel more comfortable.  Give your partner a hug instead of a kiss, or hold hands instead of sitting on each others’ laps.

2. Keep it quick: Keep your displays short and sweet.  Give your partner a quick kiss when your friends’ backs are turned or go in for a short hug.

3. Little gestures: Try holding your partner’s hand or sitting close to them.  These little gestures will allow you to show affection without making your friends uncomfortable.

How do you show affection around your friends?  Feel free to leave a  comment below.