Things seem to be heating up between Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper.  The Avatar star now seems to be bonding with the mother of her “Sexiest Man Alive” boyfriend.  According to People, Saldana and her sister were seen on a ladies’ day outing with the actor’s mother, Gloria Cooper.  The trio had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then went to see The Vow.

How do you know when to introduce your partner to your parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

Introducing your partner to your parents shows that you are serious about making your relationship work long term.  Here are some signs that it’s time to take this significant step:

1.  You’re exclusive (and you wouldn’t have it any other way:) When you can’t imagine being without your partner and you’re not interested in seeing other people, it could be  time to meet the parents.

2.  They’re always on your mind: When you are constantly thinking about someone, picking up little things for them when you shop or considering what they would like even if you’re not together, it’s a sign that things are getting heated.  But the test is if you can envision your partner laughing with your mom, hanging with your dad and tossing the football with your brother.  If that’s the case, it could be time to introduce them to the people who are most important in your life.

3.  It comes up in conversation: You’ve heard a lot about each other’s family and they’re coming into town.  Or, you’re taking a trip to see them and your partner speaks up saying he or she wants to come.  This could be a clue that it’s time to listen.

When’s the best time to introduce your partner to your parents?  Share your thoughts with us below.