Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren rocked matching manicures at the Michael Kors fashion show in NYC last week.  The actress and her man looked great sporting each other as accessories, but the coordinating nail polish really made them look in sync. reported that Alba wore a cherry red nail lacquer to match her red lipstick, while Warren wore an orchid pink with a gold accent on his left hand.

What are some ways to positively influence your partner’s style?

Cupid’s Advice:

The fashion trends rotate with the seasons, and style is constantly changing.  Cupid has some tips to keep you and your partner looking great in the public eye:

1. Stay trendy: While you’re out shopping, pay attention to what’s new on your partner’s side of the store as well, and pick out something for them that will keep them up-to-date in the fashion world.

2. Coordinate: Take a shopping trip together so you can coordinate your outfits for whatever’s trending that season.  That way, neither of you will look out of style.

3. Honesty: Fashion trends come and go, and some trends can’t seem to go quick enough.  If your partner’s wearing something completely heinous, let them know so they don’t have to dread the memories later.

How do you help keep your partner looking great?  Share your comments below.