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If you’re looking for love online and haven’t found it yet, perhaps all it takes is a little offline help. ¬†You see, many singles meet potential partners online and carry on great conversations via email but sometimes that’s as far as it ever goes. ¬†Or, they spend weeks, even months, emailing someone that they think could be a long-term partner but when they meet in person they realize that they have nothing in common. ¬†Online dating is a brilliant way to meet someone new but the the real connection happens when two people are face-to-face. ¬†That’s why we were excited when we saw the¬†launch of’s recent commercial, Chemisty Happens Offline. ¬† really “gets it.” ¬†They influence their members to get out there and go on dates when they find an initial connection. ¬†In fact, they are so committed to this idea that they are running a very cool¬†contest¬†asking people to submit their own video explaining what “Chemisty Happens Offline” means to them. ¬†The video with the most votes could walk away with $1,500. ¬†Here’s a look at the video we pulled together:

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Here are five reasons why we at feel that people need to go offline to find love:

1. Unflattering Photos: Some people aren’t photogenic and they actually look better in person than they do in a photo. ¬†Someone’s personality and mannerisms can also add to a person‚Äôs attractiveness.¬† As they say, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.¬† It’s hard to get an impression or build chemistry from a one-dimensional image.

2. Poorly Written Emails: Many people, mainly men, are not the best writers or good at expressing themselves. ¬†It’s hard to read the tone of someone’s voice or know when they are using wit and humor. ¬†Verbal communication is necessary in order to build chemistry.

3. Impersonal Connection: Even if your email chatter creates an initial spark there’s only so much you can build and sustain over the internet.¬† Meeting offline allows you to ascertain facial expressions, eye contact, body language and host of other physical attributes.

4. Lack of Trust: You really don’t know who you’re talking to when communicating over a mobile device, or computer screen.¬† There have been many cases where people make fake profiles, use photos from twenty years ago or they’re in a serious relationship and just looking to have fun.¬† Meeting someone online is great initially, but if they’re reluctant to meet you in person, it could be a red flag that they aren’t being truthful.

5. No Physical Interaction: If you want to establish chemistry you need to date.¬† You have to observe your potential love interest in various situations, everything from how he acts at a restaurant to the conversation he has with your friends to how he treats his own mother. ¬†These things can’t be experienced online.