Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner may have gone their separate ways, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t Twitter pals.  Amidst rumors of a nasty breakup, Jenner tweeted, “It really upsets me to read all the FALSE!! stories.  Avril has always been there for me and is the closest person to my heart.  I love her.”   According to People, the singer/fashion designer replied on the social networking site with, “Luv u 2!!! @brodyjenner.”

How do you put forth a united front after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Just because you’ve broken up with your partner, doesn’t mean you can’t still be a team.  If you have children together, for example, it’s best that you always present a united front:

1. Stay strong: People may expect you to turn against each other now that you’re broken up, but there’s nothing wrong with still being friends.

2. Compliment each other: You may not have been good together in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t both great in your own ways.

3. Keep in touch: Keep up with what your ex-partner is up to, and wish them luck.

Why can some exes stay friends and others can’t?  Share your thoughts below.