By Jessica Smith

Beauty comes from the inside and out, and the radiance of love can be the most profound beauty people can exude.  There are plenty of beautiful stars in Hollywood and when two gorgeous celebrities are matched together, they turn heads and leave us awe-struck.  Here are ten of the most beautiful famous couples that Hollywood has to offer:

1. Prince William and Kate Middleton:¬†The Duke and¬†Duchess¬†of Cambridge have earned the number one spot on our list. ¬†They’ve been married less than a year, but ever since Kate Middleton elegantly walked down the aisle, she has taken the world by storm with her class and beauty – and let‚Äôs not forget her great fashion instinct.

2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen:¬†Fame, fortune, and beauty¬†– this couple has it all. ¬†They’ve been married for almost two years and they’re definitely turning heads. ¬†The New England Patriots quarterback and his supermodel wife have an 18-month old son and are making big plans for a new mansion.

3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:¬†¬†You can’t mention¬†celebrity couples¬†without this dynamic duo making the list. ¬†Brad and Angelina¬†have been¬†fighting human rights¬†as a couple for six years and they exude beauty inside and out with their love for one another and their love of helping people in need.

4. David and Victoria Beckham:¬†¬†There’s¬†plenty of spice¬†in this duo‚Äôs life, and we’ve watched these stars transform into responsible parents over the span of their twelve year romance. ¬†Victoria¬†gave birth¬†to their fourth child, daughter Harper, a few months ago and their kids would certainly be included in the list for most beautiful children.

5. Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden: The Spanish actress and her beau Javier Barden make a lovely couple as fans watch them raise their son, Leo, after being married for just over a year.

6. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo:¬†These newlyweds have been married for less than a year, and¬†they described their wedding as a dream come true. ¬†Hopefully having their wedding televised didn’t leave these two lovebirds with the¬†reality show¬†curse.

7. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr:¬†This couple can‚Äôt get any sexier. ¬†The twosome has been married a little more than a year, and it’s hard to believe they’ve already had their first child. ¬†If you saw¬†Miranda¬†modeling Victoria’s Secret lingerie in this year‚Äôs¬†fashion¬†show, then you probably saw her hubby watching her enviable post-baby body glide down the catwalk and giving her a standing ovation.

8. Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna:¬†They’re sexy, and they know it. ¬†Their¬†romance¬†seems hot and steamy as they pose nude for magazine covers, and Anne appears in his music videos. ¬†You could see the¬†infatuation¬†in Adam’s smile as he and his girlfriend locked eyes as the Victoria’s Secret model strutted her stuff down the catwalk recently.

9. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett:¬†Apart from the recent¬†rumors of a split¬†after being married for fourteen years, this power couple is still together and we’re cheering for their recovery. ¬†This pair¬†– and their famous children – are a force to be reckoned with, and their talent seems unstoppable.

10. Ryan Renolds and Blake Lively:¬†This young duo is one of the¬†newest Hollywood couples¬†to step onto the scene, and they’re leaving their mark. ¬†It looks like the Gossip Girl may have finally found her man.¬† The two¬†can’t seem to get enough of their new found love for each other; and for fans, there’s nothing like living vicariously through a young and hopeful couple.

What other beautiful Hollywood couple would you add onto the list?  Share your comments below.