Recently engaged Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds enjoyed a date night in Miami this weekend.  According to People, the couple went to a Zuma, a Japanese restaurant, where they shared king crab, pork belly skewers, Wagyu beef and yuzu key lime pie for dessert.  After the date, O’Donnell tweeted, “The food was out of this world- and we had a blast- date night rocks.”  A source tells People that the couple “radiated happiness.”

What are some ways to make your date night unforgettable?

Cupid’s Advice:

The perfect way to spice up your relationship is a date night.  Go out, try new things, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.  Here are some ways to make your date night unforgettable:

1. Do something meaningful: Take your man to the spot he took you on your first date.  Take a walk through the same park, but add something new to the night as well, such as a different restaurant.  It will be sure to bring back tons of great memories and create many more meaningful ones.

2. Try new things: Try something new.  A first time experience is special, whether it be trying sushi for the first time or ice skating.  It doesn’t matter if you end up hating sushi; it’s the experience and time spent together that matters.

3. Take photos: Taking photos will guarantee that your date night will never be forgotten.  Making silly faces for the camera will remind you of the laughs you and your sweetheart shared on your special night.  The photos can also turn into a future gift or scrapbook!

How did you make your date night unforgettable? Share your stories below.