Brandi Glanville rang in the new year by getting a new husband…temporarily that is. ツThe 38-year-old star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills married a mixed martial arts manager, Darin Harvey this past weekend. ツHowever, according to Glanville, the former wife of Eddie Cibrian, tweeted of the marriage “We’re not gonna stay married. But it was a fun way to start out the new year!” ツAccording to a source, they got drunk and became hitched for publicity. ツThe two have never been linked romantically and think of each other as brother and sister.

Why is it important to think things through before getting married?

Cupid’s Advice:

Marriage is not a step to be taken lightly. Cupid’s Pulse has some reasons why one should truly think about their relationship before saying “I do.”

1.ツResponsibility: Marriage is a big responsibilityツand when people walk down the aisle it should be for better or worse. ツKim Kardashian took on a lifelong and very public commitment when she wed Kris Humphries. ツAnd, when she separated from her husband, she ツtook away the maturity that this type of union entails, showing that one doesn’t truly have to take on that duty for life.

2. ツIt’s not a joke: When Britney got married in Vegas, andツannulled it less than 3 days later, she illustrated to young people that marriage was disposable. ツA commitment of marriage should be based on proper planning and true love.

3. Issues will arise:ツFor those who wed on a whim, they will experience added pressure when problems arise. ツBeing with someone isn’t easy and being with aツpartnerツyou aren’t 100 percent sure about is even worse. ツSome people do make mistakes and don’t realize it, until it’s too late. ツBut, there should be an added fight and marriage counseling before calling it quits.

What are your thoughts on the sanctity of marriage? ツShare your opinion below.