This was the first year that Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett spent Christmas at home.  Since their two-year-old son, Hank IV was old enough to participate in Christmas activities, the reality stars decided to start making some holiday family traditions.  “I woke up and realized that this is going to be baby Hank’s first year to really know what’s going on.  It’s not really about me anymore – it’s about him now,” Wilkinson told

How do you make your child’s holiday special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Kids just want to be included and do the things that the “big” people are doing!  Cupid has some tips to help make your child’s holiday a special one.

1. Wrapping presents: Wrapping gifts can be a difficult task for anyone, especially a child, but let them help you by sticking the tape down or putting the Christmas tag on the box.

2. Baking: Christmas cookies are a part of the major food groups during the holidays, so why not join in the festivities?  You and your child could make Christmas-character treats with cookie cut-outs.

3. Christmas tree: Load up the car and go somewhere where you and the little ones can pick the Christmas tree together.  As they grow up it will be something they always remember doing as a family.

How do you make Christmas special for your children? Share your comments below.