Actress Jessica Lange and her partner of almost thirty years Sam Shepard kept ended their relationship.  In fact, the couple, who kept their relationship very private, decided to split almost two years ago, according to People.  “They both are pursuing independent lives,” says a source.  A rep for Lange confirmed the split, but the American Horror Story actress has no further comment.

How do you keep your breakup from making a splash?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breakups can be dramatic, but if you can get out of a relationship without causing a scene, you’ll be better off in the long run and in the healing process.  Cupid has some tips to keep your split low key:

1. Don’t tell everyone: Your business isn’t the world’s business.  Once everyone knows, they’re going to want to put in their two cents, which will become overwhelming and annoying.

2. Wait: Take some time to figure out your own emotions and to face the reality of your new life without your partner, so that you’re ready to face family and friends once they find out.

3. Stay busy: Keep your routine as normal as possible, and get out of the house when you can.  Don’t keep yourself cooped up wallowing, but instead embrace your new found independence.

How did you keep your breakup quiet? Share your comments below.