Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Signs Your Relationship Won’t Make It Until Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Five Signs Your Relationship Won’t Make It Until Valentine’s Day

By Whitney Baker

For many couples, the lead-up to Valentine’s Day is an exciting time filled with promise and possibility.  The cold weather offers an excuse to snuggle up, while the holidays are the perfect reason to shower each other with love and affection.  Unfortunately, many relationships aren’t so lucky.  According to a recent study in Men’s Health, the time span from Christmas to Valentine’s Day is one of the most common break-up times of the year.

Regardless of the month or season, when your relationship is over, you just know.  But if you’re still on the fence, unsure what to do about your love interest, here are five red flags you should watch for in your relationship.  Otherwise, you probably won’t make it to Valentine’s Day:

1. Too much fighting: The holidays are a special time to share with your significant other; they should be filled with fun, food and family, not fighting.  If you find yourself unhappy more often than not, it may be time to call it quits.

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2. Finding other priorities: New Year’s Eve marks the start of a new year and the chance for a new beginning.  That said, who better to kick things off with than the one you love?  If you’d rather hang out with your friends or spend a low-key night with your family, you need to consider why.  Spending time with your partner should be a priority, especially on such a fun holiday.

3. No connection left: Lack of similarity emerges over time, and these differences can either bring you closer together or tear you apart.  You need to feel connected to your partner, and something as simple as an impersonal present or thoughtless holiday card can be enough to make you feel distant and misunderstood.

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4. Nothing to say: When your relationship is new, you always have something to talk about, but as time goes on, conversation may become stale and forced.  Remember that communication is key for every successful relationship.  With nothing left to say, it may be time to start looking somewhere else for love.

5. Making plans alone: The beginning of January is typically a time to reflect on the year behind you and plan for the year ahead.  If you and your partner have a strong and stable relationship, then the two of you will make plans together.  Thinking about events, vacations and getaways that take you away from your significant other could mean you’re ready for a fresh start in more ways than one.

Cupid wants to know: How did you know when your relationship was over?