Although they have yet to comment, the tabloids are buzzing with news of new couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. ¬†Last weekend, they spent almost all of their time together going on dates and just generally having a great time in NYC. ¬†The duo met up with Lively’s sister, Robin, and her beau at the Stanton Social, where they shared a booth and cuddled throughout breakfast, according to ¬†According to a source, the Lively sisters were¬†“very sweet, polite and gave a generous tip.” ¬†But the weekend activities didn’t stop there. ¬†Lively and Reynolds were then spotted shopping for jeans and were seen holding hands and stealing a kiss. ¬†That night, the couple indulged in a romantic dinner and dessert at Serendipity. ¬†A source said,¬†“Blake sat very close to Ryan and had her head on his shoulder the entire time.”

How do you introduce your new partner to your friends and family?

Cupid’s Advice:

Blake Lively seemed to have no problem introducing Ryan Reynolds to her sister, Robin, via a double date.  Cupid has some tips:

1. Relaxed and social environment: When you decide to introduce your new mate to your friends and family, it’s important to keep things informal. ¬†Your partner will feel less on the spot and will be more likely to open up. ¬†Invite them to a holiday party or plan a group bowling outing.

2. Short visits leading into longer ones: Consider an “easy does it” approach. ¬†Introduce your new partner in multiple steps by starting out with quick visits and moving into longer social occasions.

3. Don’t announce the occasion: Sometimes it’s better to just “pop in” when you’re introducing your partner to your friends and family. ¬†If either party has too much time to think about it, anxiety may double. ¬†Spontaneity may be the answer in this case.

How did you introduce your partner to your family?  Share your experiences below.