In a interview for Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga opened up about her love life. ¬†The singer is known less for her romantic relationships, and more so for her dedicated relationship with her fans. ¬†According to E!¬†Online, Gaga thinks that she will never know martial bliss. ¬†With the divorce plague that many stars face, it can be hard to find love in the entertainment business. ¬†Gaga told Vanity Fair that it isn’t the men she dates that are the problem, but herself. ¬†Whatever the issue, we hope Gaga finds love. ¬†But if she doesn’t, her little monsters will still get great music out of it.

What are the advantages of playing the field and staying single?

Cupid’s Advice:

Staying single can be a lot of fun, but it can also leave you feeling lonely and confused when a new relationship comes around. ¬†However, sometimes it can be the best thing for you and your future relationships. ¬†Here’s how:

1. You: Being single means more ‘me time’. ¬†Not having to worry about a partner’s feelings lets you learn what you like or dislike for future relationships.

2. Networking: Flying solo can allow you to meet new people in places that you would have visited while in a relationship. It can open up your social circle and teach you how to communicate better in future relationships.

3. Freedom: Not having to report to anyone or make decisions based on how it will affect you and your partner will leave you free to become an independent well-rounded person.

What have you gained from being single? Share your thoughts below.